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Latest ATO News and Alerts

  1. The ATO is continuing to provide dedicated support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples this tax time.
  2. Supporting documentation to assist DSPs and APRA funds in implementing SuperStream Rollover v3.
  3. A list of free online SMSF education courses to help SMSF trustees and directors understand their obligations.
  4. By law you can object to tax assessments and most other decisions we make if you're not satisfied with them, but there are time limits for submitting objections.
  5. It is a serious offence for individuals to grow, manufacture or produce illegal tobacco in Australia and penalties may apply.
  6. You can participate in our open consultation. We encourage you to have your say.
  7. The Superannuation Changes Industry Roadmap is an overview of the changes impacting the superannuation industry.
  8. Businesses do not need to include some amounts (such as eligible government grants and GST they have collected) in their business's assessable income.
  9. We are developing advice and guidance on the following income tax issues.
  10. Low and middle income earners may be eligible for the low and low and middle income tax offsets. We work out the offset amounts when you lodge your tax return.
  11. Single Touch Payroll reporting for small businesses, companies or trusts with directly related (closely held) payees.
  12. If your clients are continuing to work from home during the 2021–22 income year, remind them to keep a record of the hours they work from home as well as keep receipts for all items purchased.
  13. A range of checklists designed to help trustees manage their SMSF through different stages of the fund.
  14. Use this form to apply for the SMSF early engagement and voluntary disclosure service to notify of an unrectified contravention.
  15. The Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) is a joint-agency taskforce dedicated to tackling the most serious and complex financial crime.